Humanitarian aid from the Scouts of Greece in the earthquake affected areas of Turkey and Syria

Publisher: Press Office
 16 Feb 2023
The people of Turkey and Syria who were hit by the earthquake immediately needed the help and solidarity of the whole world.The Scouts of Greece, faithful to the Principles of International Friendship and Solidarity, from the first moment coordinated the collection of essential items for sending humanitarian aid to the affected areas.More than 180 ...

6th National Explorers Jamboree 2022 "Elpida - Hope", Roumeli

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 27 Jan 2022
In summer 2022, Scouts of Greece (Soma Hellinon Proskopon - SHP) is organizing the 6th National Explorers Jamboree, in Roumeli; a place not far away from Athens in Central Greece. The Greek Scout Movement is celebrating 20 years Anniversary since the original Elpida Jamboree in Zagori region in 2002. We would like to welcome Scouts from other count...

Scouts of Greece create an app about Sustainable Development Goals

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 04 Jun 2021
Scouts of Greece, proud ambassadors of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, have spent more that 6,5 million hours of volunteering work, with more than 1.200 projects with social impact happening. Globally, more than 2 billion hours of volunteering work have taken place targeting in turning our world into a better place for everyone.As part of a n...

Scouts in Greece join forces with WWF Greece to fight plastic pollution

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 31 May 2021
Scouts in Greece have partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to launch a new program called "Adopt a beach" in order to collect plastic waste from the shores of the country. The cleaning action is part of the citizen's science initiative of which the Greek Scouts are a strategic partner.  The program will create an integrated nation...

The Greek Scouts sign the Charter of Diversity

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 27 Apr 2021
The Greek Scouts, loyal to their commitment to a world without inequality, with equal opportunities, respect for diversity and proud ambassadors of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, signed the Charter of Diversity.The Charter of Diversity, an initiative of the European Commission for the promotion of diversity in Greek companies and organiza...

Scout Wildlife Rescue Team

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 30 Mar 2021
Scout Wildlife Rescue Team: Proud defenders of the fauna, 270 specially trained young Scouts in 100 cities of Greece!Animals and plants that live in nature contribute to the ecological, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural and aesthetic aspects of human well-being and sustainable development. Every year more than 8,000 wildlife ...

Scouts of Greece collect a record number of mobile devices together with Vodafone, in an effort to create awareness about Sustainability

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 09 Mar 2021
Scouts of Greece together with Vodafone they announced the results of the year-long national campaign for the collection of legacy mobile devices and accessories in order to get them recycled, through the flagship programme of “Programme for Communication Devices Recycling”. The programme is being run successfully since 2008. For 13 years, Scouts f...

February 22 - Scouting Day

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 21 Feb 2021
Every year, on the 22nd of February, the biggest voluntary pedagogical group for young people in the world celebrates: Which Group? The Scouts! More than 54,000,000 people in 220 countries celebrate the birth of the founder of the Scouts, Lord Baden-Powell.Because of Founder's birthday, Scouts and Guides organize actions inspired by his quotes. Thi...

Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company & Scouts of Greece, join forces for a better world!

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 11 Feb 2021
The Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company (EEAA), the initiative of Greek companies active in the production of packaging and marketing of packaged products and Scouts of Greece, the largest voluntary and educational movement for young people in Greece, proudly announce their collaboration for the creation of a more sustainable future.The two side...

Scouts contribute 2 billion hours of Community Service

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 05 Feb 2021
Scouts have now contributed an astonishing 2 billion hours of community service through the Messengers of Peace Initiative to improve the sustainability of our planet by promoting peace, acting as environmental leaders, and championing equality around the globe. The milestone puts Scouting half-way towards fulfilling its commitment to make the...

Scouting nominated for Nobel Prize for Global Contribution towards peace & dialogue

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 29 Jan 2021
The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), have been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, recognising the outstanding contributions of Scouting that have empowered hundreds of millions of young people to create a lasting culture of peace in their communities for more than a century. Since its founding in 1907, the Scouting Movem...

Why Become a Scout

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 01 Sep 2020
Parents all around the world are sharing the same agony: to get a chance to watch our kids grow up healthy, evolve into independent adults in order to face all the difficulties that life will throw at them.Kids and young people of today, tend to stick to their mobile phones forever. They barely look to the world around them. We as parents we are th...

Active Support from Scouts of Greece towards affected population by floods in the Evia region

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 13 Aug 2020
More than 100 volunteers since the 10th of August are offering hundreds of hours of social service in response to natural disasters and we keep going...The Evia region for one more time, was at the center of a big destruction because of the forces of nature, with loss of life this time.The very next day of the terrible event hundreds of Scouts from...

Saying a special THANK YOU to the Heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 15 Apr 2020
Almost two months have passed since the day the Greek government announced the general lockdown of the country in response to the current pandemic of COVID-19. For all this period the doctors and nurses working in the hospitals and clinics around the country, as well as all over the world, have been called to manage a profound crisis. And they did ...

Scouts of Greece celebrate their 110th Anniversary

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 01 Jan 2020
During 2020 Scouts of Greece will celebrate their 110th Anniversary. For more than a century, thousands of volunteers, develop skills and learn to live, as independent and responsible citizens while taking an active role inside their local communities. The Greek Scout movement celebrating it’s 110th birthday is "old" enough to have survived tw...

Scouts of Greece: Promoting the SDGs via a tailor made TV Commercial

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 03 Oct 2019
.Scouts all over the world have been working towards a more sustainable way of living. During last year after the partnership of WOSM with UN under the title “Scouts for SDGs” for being the ambassadors for Sustainable Development Goals, Scouting is trying to be more vocal about living more responsibly and better together. Scouts of Greece for ...

Rescuing wild life can be a difficult thing, but Scouts of Greece are up to the challenge

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 05 Mar 2019
Animals and plants in nature have an innate value and contribute significantly upon many aspects of human prosperity and sustainable living, promoting our ecological, economical, scientific, educational and cultural growth.Many years before the global community “re-discovers” the necessity to protect the environment, all the more so with the enviro...

Presentation of findings of the national survey “The views and positions of Greek youth during the period of the financial crisis”

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 14 Jun 2018
The national survey "The views and positions of Greek Youth during the period of the financial crisis ", which was carried out on the initiative of Soma Hellinon Proskopon (the Scouts of Greece) by ALCO polls, was presented on Thursday June 14, 2018, at New Hotel in Athens.The survey was conducted nationwide among young people aged 17-29 years old ...

The Greek Scouts were awarded NGO of the Year in the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards

Publisher: Γενική Εφορεία
 16 Feb 2018
The award of NGO of the Year in the Environment category, was awarded to the Greek Scouts at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards ceremony, on February 15th 2018.More than 300 attendees, institutional representatives, senior company executives and non-governmental organizations’ representatives attended the ceremony that rewarded the projects t...