Scouts of Greece: Promoting the SDGs via a tailor made TV Commercial

Γενική Εφορεία
Date Issues: 03/10/2019

Εφορεία Γενικής Εφορείας:

.Scouts all over the world have been working towards a more sustainable way of living. During last year after the partnership of WOSM with UN under the title “Scouts for SDGs” for being the ambassadors for Sustainable Development Goals, Scouting is trying to be more vocal about living more responsibly and better together. 

Scouts of Greece for years have been creating responsible citizens of tomorrow for more than 110 years, as this is the case for the rest scouts spread all around the world. “We create a better world” training our fellow citizens and raising awareness about SDGs and how a small action of each and everyone of us can have a much bigger impact than we originally have thought.

Therefore, Scouts of Greece created a dedicated website ( for how Greek Scouts supporting the mission of SDGs. This includes ideas for activities and actions on personal and group level. Also, they created a TV commercial that they run for free in all Greek TV National channels spreading the idea of a more responsible way of living. 

In the film, with the duration of 49’’, three scouts between the woods are searching around using their binoculars for other young scouts carrying around signs with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ending up creating a big map of Greece using all these signs. In the end all scouts participating in the film, come together to declare loudly and proud: “We are the Scouts and we are the ambassadors of creating a better world.” All participants in the film are active scouts and volunteers from around the country.

Scouts of Greece are also running parallel actions as part of a bigger plan, where a specific program of sustainability has been created to promote SDGs in scouting daily life. Under this program with the title “SDG Friendly Scout Groups” each local Scout group as well as the individual members, are working towards completing a set of tasks and goals doing small tasks for a more healthy life, protecting the environment and other, are changing their behaviors for the better sharing the mission of creating a better world and supporting Agenda 2030 of the UN. There is a long way to go but we, scouts all over the planet, are motivated to get there successfully.

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