The Greek Scouts sign the Charter of Diversity

Γενική Εφορεία
Date Issues: 27/04/2021

The Greek Scouts, loyal to their commitment to a world without inequality, with equal opportunities, respect for diversity and proud ambassadors of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, signed the Charter of Diversity.

The Charter of Diversity, an initiative of the European Commission for the promotion of diversity in Greek companies and organizations, was established in Greece in 2019, following the European program DIMAIN. Its goal is to function as a means of commitment for the implementation of equality, equal opportunities and diversity in every working environment in Greece. The Diversity Charter is promoted in every EU member state.

The Greek Scouts, the largest and longest-running pedagogical voluntary movement for young people in Greece with 25,000 members in every corner of the country, is implementing all six pillars of diversity (gender, age, race / color, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation) through their scout program. The inclusion of the Scouts in the Charter of Diversity of Greece confirms their 111-year commitment to a society without barriers and inequalities, while at the same time setting an invitation to other voluntary organizations and civil society organizations to follow the example of the Scouts in this direction.

The signing of the Charter took place at an event attended by Christoforos Mitromaras and (Chief Commissioner of the Greek Scouts), Stavros Milionis (President of KEAN & Founder of Diversity Charter Greece). Also present were the Public Relations Advisor of the Board Konstantinos Ephraimidis and Katerina Psyha, Communications Manager of Diversity Charter Greece.

The Chief Commissioner of Greek Scouts Christoforos Mitromaras stated: "Scouting is a Movement open and accessible to all and aims to help young people achieve and fully develop their physical, spiritual, emotional, social and spiritual potential to be empowered. To be responsible and active global citizens, contributing to the creation of a better world. Since its inception, the Scout Movement has addressed issues of diversity, including gender, social class, race and ethnicity. "In this way, it enables young people and adults to understand and acquire the knowledge and skills to face the reality of living in an intercultural and multicultural world, where respect for and recognition of diversity must prevail."

In his turn, the President of KEAN & Founder of Diversity Charter Greece, Stavros Milionis, during the signing of the Charter, said: "The participation of the Greek Scout in the Charter of Diversity is a great pleasure for us as it gives added value to our entire project. Children, adolescents and young people who are nurtured by the principles of scouting, the protagonist of which is the respect for Diversity in whatever form and manifestation, are the ones who will respect the different and achieve harmonious integration. The Scout Movement will be for us a valuable partner and helper in establishing an environment of equal opportunities for all. We warmly welcome them. "

The fundamental Principles of the Scouts include the content of the Diversity Charter and by signing it, initiatives are taken for:
  • Further improve processes that take into account diversity and promote equality, mutual respect, acceptance and social cohesion.
  • The building of a relationship of trust between the volunteers - members of the Organization and the employees of the Central Administration, based on these principles, as well as the training of executives involved in decision making.
  • The awareness of other Greek Organizations about the benefits that result from the implementation of a diversity policy in the area in which they operate.
In our country, the Charter of Diversity for Greek companies is implemented by KEAN - Alternative Youth Search Cell.

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