Why Become a Scout

Γενική Εφορεία
Date Issues: 01/09/2020

Parents all around the world are sharing the same agony: to get a chance to watch our kids grow up healthy, evolve into independent adults in order to face all the difficulties that life will throw at them.

Kids and young people of today, tend to stick to their mobile phones forever. They barely look to the world around them. We as parents we are then facing the challenge, of trying to get them to different activities that will inspire their fantasy, will help them get out and move, make new friends, explore the world, get new experiences. Moreover, the difficult economic time we are life in is narrowing down our choices even more.

So, for many parents the main goal is to find this activity for his or her kids, after school that connects nature, sports activities, learning and getting new skills, a place to make new friends, and cheap enough to not destroy the family budget.

Scouting can be the best option for your kid! For 111 years now we are helping our members, younger and older to grow, advance personally, make friendships and gain the most important thing of all, Skills for Life! Experiences that will change him or her and create an active citizen for the future.

What is Scouting?
Scouting provides young people with opportunities to participate in programs, events, activities, and projects that contribute to their growth as active citizens. Through these initiatives, young people become agents of positive change who inspire others to take action.

What is the minimum age for starting as a Scout?
Children can apply to become members of Cub Scouts as early as the age of 7 years old. The upper age limit for being an active scout doesn’t exist yet. You can continue helping groups and young scouts experience scouting till you feel that you should stop. Also, you can become a member of a local scout group or even an adult leader at any age.

How does it cost? 
The annual subscription starts from 25 € and this includes, among others, insurance coverage from the ETHINKI INSURANCE

How are the different Age Groups divide in Scouting?
The Scout Movement involves directly children aged between 7 to 18 years old, and young people till they become 26 years old. Our members based on their age they are part of the below Groups:
  • Cubs (7-11 Years Old)
  • Scouts (11-15 Years Old)
  • Rovers (15-18 Years Old)
  • Scout Network (18-26 Years Old)
All different age groups are being supervised by well-trained Adult Leaders. They are responsible for running safely each activity, helping young members getting the best experiences out of our projects, and helping them grow.

For our Adult Leaders and the Scouting Movement in general, keeping our members safe is the first priority. We are trying every day to work towards an even safer and more inclusive environment for our members. We have created a number of different manuals on the subject of Safe from Harm and we are closely monitoring any updates in this area by the World Organization of the Scouting Movement, as well as a number of Greek Institutions about the health, rights, and protection of children.

Everyday actions make a difference! Young scouts around the world for more than 110 years are creating innovative solutions to tackle the most pressing challenges facing our planet, advancing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We are proud ambassadors of SDGs Agenda. You can find more about our projects and how we try to create a better world in www.scouts4sdgs.gr.

Scouts of Greece in a recent survey about the best NGOs in Greece, have been recognized as the best one in the categories for Education, Natural Environment, and Refugees and Migrants. Additionally, they have been awarded by numerous other institutions and the government for their voluntary work towards supporting refugees and protecting nature through their projects.