Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company & Scouts of Greece, join forces for a better world!

Γενική Εφορεία
Date Issues: 11/02/2021

The Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company (EEAA), the initiative of Greek companies active in the production of packaging and marketing of packaged products and Scouts of Greece, the largest voluntary and educational movement for young people in Greece, proudly announce their collaboration for the creation of a more sustainable future.

The two sides agreed to sign a memorandum of cooperation, with the aim of implementing a series of targeted actions and initiatives to promote recycling and raise public awareness on environmental issues.

The program objectives agreed between the EEAA and the Scouts of Greece, among others, include:
  • Deepening the relations between the two organizations by creating joint working groups for the design and implementation of joint programs.
  • Promoting volunteering, education and awareness in the field of recycling and the circular economy.
  • Cooperation and joint organization of awareness and information actions on recycling.
For the citizens, the blue bins that are now found in almost every neighborhood, are synonymous with recycling and the Ε.Ε.Α.Α. continues to contribute to the recycling for all citizens. In 2019 alone, the collection vehicles made more than 125,000 routes for the collection of recyclable materials by the Local Authorities, while there was a 12% increase in the results of the recycling of glass packaging by the blue bells compared to the previous year.

For their part, Scouts of Greece, who have been active for 111 years in 350 neighborhoods in Greece, educate & raise awareness of young people who act as responsible citizens taking an active role within the society. This is why Scouts, as Ambassadors of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, try, in every aspect of their daily life, to think about the protection of nature, while at the same time implementing more than 1,200 environmental and social actions each year

The Scouts will be the ambassadors of a greener society, aiming by 2030 to have contributed as an organization to the rise of quantitative data of the overall recycling program of the country.

The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed on behalf of E.E.A.A. by the President Michalis Economakis and on behalf of the S.H.P. by the President Isidoros Kanetis.

Mr. Economakis stated characteristically: "We are very happy for our cooperation with S.H.P. It is important that the message of recycling and environmental protection passes through the largest voluntary organization of young people in our country, which also has an educational character. We will stand by the Scouts and will support, according to the framework of our operation, their activities and work for the environmental protection. Through the President of S.H.P. we thank all scouts in every corner of Greece ".

In his turn, Mr. Kanetis stated: "A few days before the celebration of the World Scout Day (22/2), we find ourselves once again practicing our global motto "Creating a better world ", collaborating with the Hellenic Recycling Company . Our goal is not only to set an example of recycling, but to activate and educate our society about the importance of this practice. A decisive act with a positive ecological impact, the results of which will be experienced by future generations ".