Active Support from Scouts of Greece towards affected population by floods in the Evia region

Γενική Εφορεία
Date Issues: 13/08/2020

More than 100 volunteers since the 10th of August are offering hundreds of hours of social service in response to natural disasters and we keep going...

The Evia region for one more time, was at the center of a big destruction because of the forces of nature, with loss of life this time.

The very next day of the terrible event hundreds of Scouts from all over Greece came to help the local population that was affected. Our members in cooperation with Civil Defense, and local authorities worked together to offer the most effective assistance to those who needed the most.

Scouts of Greece, since the 10th of August mobilized more than 100 adult members, contributing to hundreds of hours of social service in the villages of Bourtzi, Vasiliko, and Politika in small teams helping local authorities