Scouts of Greece collect a record number of mobile devices together with Vodafone, in an effort to create awareness about Sustainability

Γενική Εφορεία
Date Issues: 09/03/2021

Scouts of Greece together with Vodafone they announced the results of the year-long national campaign for the collection of legacy mobile devices and accessories in order to get them recycled, through the flagship programme of “Programme for Communication Devices Recycling”. The programme is being run successfully since 2008. For 13 years, Scouts from all around Greece have collected more than 68000 pieces of old mobile phones or other accessories, that they have then handled to Vodafone for recycling purposes. A record number compared to other recycling programmes run around the country. This is a clear sign for their commitment for a Sustainable future and their passion to create a Better World based on small local actions, that can have a collective big impact.

By the collection of 37000 devices for the last 4 years, their efforts can be translated in numbers:
  • Saving of 9000 kilos of CO2 to end up in the atmosphere
  • Saving 3,3 kilos of toxic metals that could end up in landfills all around the country
  • Reuse of more than 193 kilos of different kinds of metal for other uses
  • Actively contributing for promoting the 12 (Responsible Consumption) and 17 (Cooperation for the SDGs) Sustainable Development Goals by UN

The Chief Commissioner of Scouts of Greece, Mr Christoforos Mitromaras shared that “Scouts have proved through many years about their motivation to recycle as this is one of the biggest challenges that we need to solve in order to save the planet and create a sustainable future for the young people. Scouts, as proud Ambassadors for Sustainable Development Goals are hosting a number of different initiatives around the country, about protecting the environment, and raising awareness in the society about sustainability.”

Vodafone through it’s flagship recycling programme, that is active for more than 17 consecutive years, is inviting everyone to look for old mobile devices and handle them to the dedicated recycling bins that can be found in all stores of Vodafone, as well as in all 350 Scouts of Greece locations, all around the country.