Scouting Program

From Young People, for Young People

Scout Movement’s success is based on the fact that learning is happening though fun activities mostly outdoors, where young people can learn new things, exploring the world. Those activities are being decided and run by young people based on their needs and motivation while running in small group of scouts of the same age, where they can share their experiences, make everlasting friendships and evolve as tomorrow’s leaders.

By taking into account efficiently the specific characteristics of each age group, a differentiated scout programme with engaging activities is being compiled by Adult volunteers. This programme is focusing on helping each young person to find new areas of interest, to empower himself or herself, and acquire new hard and soft skills by doing in real life projects.

Scout activities offers an engaging way for young people to explore the world around them, in a safe environment. Scouting is based on dialogue, adult support towards young people and personal evolution under the Scouting Movement’s Principles.

The Scout Programme is not just preparing someone to become an active citizen, but a leader that will help in our mission to Create a Better World.