General Assembly

The General Assembly is the governing body of the Greek Scout movement, where all the scout members are represented in the decision making of the movement, through elected representatives. It takes place every year in Spring, usually in April or May of each year, based on the Statutes of the Greek Scout Association. The General Assembly discusses the medium and long term goals for the Scout Movement in Greece, as well as it elects every 4 years the Board of Scouts of Greece


The Board consists of 15 volunteers (scouts or non-scouts) that are being elected every 4 years by the General Assembly of Scouts of Greece. It is responsible to oversee all the projects, initiatives and members of the movement. It represents the Scouts of Greece formally, while strengthening the relationships with Scout Organizations in other countries. Finally, it makes sure for the protection of the scouting “brand” and the movement in general in the society.

The term of the current Board is ending on May 2021.
  • Isidoros Kanetis – President
  • Ioannis Kasmiroglou – First Vice President
  • Giorgos Hourdakis – Second Vice President
  • Nikolaos Chaliasos – Secretary General
  • Christoforos Mitromaras – Chief Commissioner
  • Elias Louloudas – Financial Advisor
  • Konstantinos Tatsis – Real Estate Advisor
  • Nikolaos Mastoras Gkoulemas – International Commissioner
  • Konstantinos Efremidis – Public Relations Commissioner
  • Pantelis Probonas – Assistant Chief Commissioner
  • Emmanouil Apladenakis - Member
  • Nikolaos Karaiskos – Member
  • Despoina Papatheodoulou – Member
  • Konstantinos Patiniotakis - Member