Wildlife Rescue Team

The Scouts of Greece proudly initiated since 2019 the “Wildlife Rescue Scout Team”, a dedicated project to wildlife rescue efforts.

The Wildlife Rescue Scout Team states the strategic planning and effort of the Scouts of Greece to broaden the field of positive community intervention and participation. By responding and contributing to the rescue procedures regarding injured, orphaned and abandoned mammals, birds, reptiles, marine animals etc., we become an important factor for wildlife protection and an ally to the environmental organizations and Rescue Centers in Greece. 

Rescuing wildlife asks for a unique set of skills, very different from those required to treat pets. The equipment, the handling, the way of capture and the level of treatment provided to a wild animal can make the difference between life and death. 

The Scouts of Greece have been active in more than 350 decentralized local communities in the country, undertaking a variety of projects related directly or indirectly to ecosystems; the bone structure of the organization, the experience and the connection with nature make Scouts the optimum organization to train its members to skillfully take care of the wild animals. 

Until today, there have been 4 training seminar meetings around Greece with a total of 100 participants (from 40 different scout units), who received training on helping injured wildlife animals. 

Nature is crucial for every country and for Greece in particular. Greece has thousands of kilometers of coastline and numerous islands as well as big, remote mountains where wild animals can live and survive on their own. 

Nature is the basis of the sustainable future of our societies, on which we can create a meaningful living for our families and our communities. To this direction, the “Wildlife Rescue Scout Team” seeks to become a useful tool and “cultivate from within” the younger generations to elaborate, to get more involved in the protection of the wildlife and nature in general and forge a sustainable living mindset.

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