The adult members of SHP – with some exceptions – are not educators by profession, nor do they try to be! They are not born Robinsons either! The Scout game is easy, simple in its practice and implementation and does not require any expertise of any sort. Soma Hellinon Proskopon provides the necessary training to the adult members that includes theoretical and practical skills and knowledge needed to deliver the Scout Programme and implement the various activities and camps with safety.

The Scout Movement depends on the responsible and voluntary service of its adult members. The adult members of SHP give their spare time to plan and implement the Scout Programme. The time required by each volunteer is about four hours per week, two hours for the preparation of the activities and two hours for the implementation. Naturally, when there is an excursion or a summer camp the hours are more.

The Scout Programme offers many opportunities for creativity and for service to others.

Getting involved in the Group life, taking part in the preparation and running unique activities and camps, is a lot of fun and gives the opportunity to make lots of new friends and to have powerful experiences. The opportunity you get to have an activity in nature through Scouting is very important, especially now that most of our time and responsibilities take us away from nature.

There are plenty of opportunities for personal creation and development through the Scout Programme and the results are evident in every part of life, in families, in studies and in careers!

Voluntarism has no such limits! There is a place for everyone in Scouting who wants to help and wants to offer their services to Young People, to Nature and to Society!

Young and old, all of us are wearing our uniform with joy and pride because it makes us easily recognizable in the eyes of the people and shows that we are part of the big global group of Scout friends. Of course depending on the weather or other conditions, we wear warmer or appropriate clothing (like jackets, raincoats, thermal clothing, ski or climbing kit).