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From the 2nd grade of Dimotiko (Junior School)

There is an annual membership fee for SHP that includes amongst other things an insurance coverage for accidents. The fee for this year is 25 €.

There are plenty of opportunities for activities outside the school hours for children and young people. Most of them offer opportunities for developing a skill, becoming more competent or just for fun.

The Scout Movement goes beyond that.

Your child will become member of a group of friends, in which they will learn how to cooperate, will discover new skills and interests, will live new experiences while being in an organized environment, with trained adult volunteers. These volunteers may seem to still behave like children and do it for fun, but in reality they are providing your child with a unique opportunity.

The Scout Method is especially designed to appear as a game, to be attractive for the children and at the same time to educate them and prepare them for their life in the society.

Our aim is to provide young people with the necessary character to “deal with life” and to become “the architects of their own development” as people that are:

  • Autonomous, able to make choices and to control their personal and social life as an individual and as a member of society.
  • Supportive, able to show concern for others, to act with them and for them, to share their concerns.
  • Responsible, able to take responsibility for their actions, keep commitments and complete whatever they undertake.
  • Committed, able to assert themselves in respect of values, a cause or an ideal and to act accordingly.

Of course you can! In every Scout Group there is a group of people, a Committee that provides support to the Group and the members are parents and other friends – supporters of Scouting.