Children & Youth

What can great adventurer Bear Grylls, and 11 out of 12 astronauts that set foot on the moon surface, have in common ? Except that they all love adventures and setting foot in unexplored parts of our world there is one other thing that they share in common. That is that they were all scouts!  Maybe you are ready for an adventure, but you don’t now yet what that could be. You want to reach this famous waterfall hidden inside Olympus mountain but you are not sure how you will make it. With the scouts, it may sound cliche, but you will never get bored.

We spent our days learning something new every time. It is not only about how to drive a boat, create your own bench for public use, or simply spent your nights between the trees in the middle of nowhere. It is much more than that. You may have heard from another scout. The scout friends are the closest friends one can possibly have, after numerous hours spent together doing activities that you could never imagine. 

By becoming a scout you become part of a truly global movement with more than 55 million people all around the world. Their dream is to leave the world a bit better than they found it. But also explore it, enjoy and have fun while doing it and most importantly create long lasting friendships. One thing they have in common is their scarf around the neck. This scarf, even when you secretly carry it in your bag all the other hours of the day, silently connects you in this amazing brotherhood of good. So the next time you see one of the other kids around wearing this scarf don’t just think that they spent theirs hours just throwing away their mobile phones. Actually they do much more than that. You can do that too, and believe us you will like it.

We have local scout groups in more than 320 local communities, cities and villages around the country. You can find yours and share it with your parents.